Making Better Options

Many custom software development companies list every technology anyone in the company has ever come across or just heard of. At International Technical Industries, Inc., we don’t do that. We focus on doing things well, and we use every opportunity to become even better at what we are good. We are constantly identifying the most promising tools and technologies, and digging deeper to find out their strengths, their weaknesses, and the best practices in using them. We add a technology to our toolbox only when we are absolute experts in it, so you can remain assured that we’re not just throwing code at your project that we think might work. It allows us to guarantee results, and saves our clients time and money.

Java ™ Microsoft® .NET ®

Today we can bring to your project the power of the most demanded programming languages, development tools, application servers, databases and Internet technologies. Our fundamental programming strength lies in two major development kits of today: Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET. Employing these technology concepts we create software programs for WindowsLinux, and FreeBSD, as well as cross-platform applications. For each task we apply most suitable programming languages, such as Java, Visual Basic, C++, C#, and accelerate implementation using industry standard development tools, such as IBM Eclipse and MS Visual Studio .NET. Where it is necessary, we power our solutions with the best-suited application servers such as IBM WebSphereBEA Weblogic or Microsoft Application Center. All that makes our applications easily scalable, portable and well integrated with existing legacy systems.

Microsoft® SQL Server® Oracle® MySQL®

We optimize data storage and management by selecting the database technology that best suits your business needs. For every application, we execute a detailed data flow analysis and develop a database using Microsoft SQL ServerOracleBorland InterbaseMicrosoft Access, etc, whichever storage and retrieval technology guarantee the maximum performance. Whenever it is possible, we employ database engines without recurring licensing costs, such as PostgreSQL or MySQL, in order to save you money in ongoing fees. That can add up to a substantial saving for your business, sometimes for dozens of thousand dollars per year.

Microsoft® ASP.NET®

Today, Internet provides a lot of opportunities for small business, and you can not miss them. If you are ready to employ Internet as a part of your business process, then we will select the latest technologies to develop a dynamic database-driven corporate portal, Extranet, or CRM solution, which will take your key business operations on the Web. By utilizing Java Server Pages (JSP)Active Server Pages (ASP)PHP, and XML/XSL we can develop a powerful Web solution that will connect your database to the online medium.

International Technical Industries, Inc. brings projects to life by continually applying a great deal of technology expertise to any undertaking. Our clients come to us expecting the highest degree of proficiency, and we give them nothing less.

Adobe® APC® Cisco Systems ™
GE® HP® Lexmark™
Linux™ Macromedia® Microsoft®